high energy physicsChi
(pronounced chee) is a
Chinese term for universal energy, the energy that permeates everything
and surrounds us, the active principle of every living thing, or life force.

When a person prospers, a plant grows, a company thrives, each is
drawing on forces greater than those the body itself generates. In its
natural state and flourishing, each is part of a larger system
supplying the necessary nutrients and challenges in a series of events
that brings out the best. This larger system of fields and conditions
enters into the body, becomes part of it, and grows into greater and
more complex forms. 

A human becomes conscious. At first consciousness is a tool, a way of
modeling the surroundings and using the various representations to
secure new and better positions. With further development states of
awareness go beyond enhancing one’s ability to manipulate the
environment, they make it possible to generate new ideas, to innovate,
to think creatively and see possibilities where others see only

All of this comes about because you nurture your ability to think and
feel. You bring together the best of awareness and unite them in a
quest for improvement, advancing not only your circumstances, but also
your inner experience. 

divine feminineThis
kind of cultivation is about  seeking outside experience and
exposure to new and better ways of doing things, as well as the inner
work of learning to invoke and occupy states of mind. These new states
of consciousness take you beyond being a subject acted upon by events –
a vicitim- and help you to become an agent, an active participant
influencing the mix and the results that arise from it.

There are powerful forces beyond our ken that reside in nature. They
make it possible for individuals to achieve extraordinary feats as they
discover and ply these powers. The same is true in the marketplace.
What causes a particular product to lift off and become a bestseller
while another languishes hardly noticed? What moves people in droves to
adopt a new idea, a new way of working, while ignoring another option
perhaps more efficient, more capable? This is the study of innovation,
which extends beyond the great idea and out into the world to include
the environment and timing of the innovation.

Our inner environment, just as our outer world, is not as random as it
sometimes feels. Instead it is a thriving ecosystem of players, fields,
and forces. By entering into it with an open eye, a desire to bring out
the best, respect for what is, and a vision for healthy progress, we
place ourselves in position to develop our nature, which is the life
force itself as it uniquely expresses itself through us. This is what
is meant by cultivating our chi, developing the life force as it is
expressed through our life so that we not only get the results we are
looking for, but we become that which we seek and contribute to the
larger play in ways that inform, influence, and invoke the world we