Turning turmoil to advantage is a key move when it
comes to exploiting change.  By mastering this maneuver, you set
yourself up for a higher level of performance. Your expertise in
responding makes you an adept in our churning, dynamic world.

As an adept, you will soon be changing your frustration into enthusiasm
and turning the interruptions into advancement. If you successfully
work even a few of these just a small percentage of the time, you’ll
create significant advantage and open up possibilities that otherwise
remain hidden.

Instead of worrying where you’ll be blindsided next, you’ll look
eagerly for shifts you can harness. Everything that before was a
headache now becomes new development with potential to explore. Where
there was doubt, there is hope. Where there was bad news, there may be
opportunity. You will have moved to the frontier with skill and
expertise, where the greatest possibilities reside.

Sometimes these are temporal, surfacing quickly and disappearing just
as fast. That is why you need to be ready for them. Fortune favors the

What can you do today that will put you in a position to turn adversity
to your advantage tomorrow?



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