When you make the committment to transform your body, you go to the gym.  But, it’s not a one-shot deal. You go regularly.  Physical fitness takes consistent effort and sustained action. 

It’s the same with mindset. That is why people read devotionals, religious texts with daily passages. Every day they focus their minds on spiritual matters, keeping their attention where it matters most.

What are your core values and how do you stay focused? Consider a daily “workout,” choosing where to put your mind and thoughts. 5 minutes of meditation on that which you care most deeply about can go along way toward creating the life that matters to you. And think of meditation in this sense as anything that helps you align with what you love. Joseph Campbell, the great mythologist, chose to meditate with a highlighter and his favorite book – because that is what turned him on.

What is one fundamental activity that you can do daily, to keep your mind focused on what matters most?

There are no great limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination, and wonder.

– Ronald Reagan