Worphanage picturee never know our destiny until we can look back with
20-20 hindsight and see the long and winding road to this place and
time.  It’s hard to tell whom we are going to end up with, in so
many ways.

When my daughter was in the Welfare Home for Children in New Delhi, she
was among over 40 children who had been thrown together from a variety
of difficult circumstances.  There was one girl who probably
seemed like one among many. She was destined to stand out as time
rolled forward. Here the two of them are at the orphanage. My daughter
is the one in the blue.

It would turn out that the two of them would both make the journey back
to the eastern seaboard of the United States within a year of each
other. After a little bit of moving around, they now live about 5
minutes apart.

Ruchi sleepingThis next shot is the two of them sleeping in my
daughter’s bed during a recent stay-over. Who could have guessed at the
time that they would stay in touch through such a dramatic shift in
circumstances? Now they have the opportunity to share memories that few
others can claim. As they grow older they will be able to talk about
all their transition entails.

We never know whom we are going to share life’s journey with. I
remember once getting into an elevator in an old building in downtown
Washington, DC, mindless of the strangers I shared the space with. Then
our elevator stopped between floors and there we sat for an hour or so
while we worked our way out. Eventually we pried the door open and
hopped to safety. By that time we had gotten to know each other much
better and a welcome sense of relief was a joy to share. Strangers can
become friends very quickly when destiny takes us down an unplanned

A person often
meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it..
– Jean de La Fontaine