I was sitting in a plane on the way to Chicago and – horrors! – I put my
iPad in the seat pocket in front of me for a moment. Next time I
thought of it I was on my way into the city in the back of a cab.

Traffic was horrendous. It would take me two hours to get into town
(because of my client, who was holding an expo that was drawing tens of
thousands into the city – but, that’s another story).  We were
crawling along the highway and I knew I wasn’t going back to the
airport.  So, I googled what to do with that particular airlines.

The first thing the instructions said was, “Don’t EVER put your
belongings in the seat
pocket in front of you.” Late, but helpful nonetheless. I was feeling
the sting of my mistake and that anchored the lesson for future plane

screen saverNext was a link to the airlines online lost and found.
The independent
advice said it was the only resource, and then, “Good luck!” because
nothing else you can do. So I filled out the form.

When I got to my hotel room I took out my laptop and used Find my iPad
to see if the iPad took off with my plane. Nope. There it was in the
airline garage. I could zoom in on Google maps and see exactly which
building it was in.

I had my name and phone on the screen saver. I sent out a signal to
make it beep. Then I let it go.

Twenty minutes later my cell rang. It was the airlines supervisor in
the warehouse. “We got your iPad. Come and pick it up anytime. By the
way, do you know that we have over 1,000 iPads here, with no way to
find the owner!” Over 1,000 iPads. Thats about $500,000 of Apple
product sitting in a warehouse of Lost & Found for just one
airlines. On my return home I picked up my iPad. 

Make it easy for the things you treasure to return should they go
missing (due to all-too-human error!).

Not until we
are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.
– Henry David Thoreau