Documenting the strategic plan is the sixth step in my 7-step framework for association strategy.  How you record and deliver the strategic plan is up to your organization. Infographics,  PowerPoint presentations, booklets, and one-sheets are all great ways to share your association’s vision and goals. The most critical part of the documentation is to be sure that the content effectively serves each of your five audiences: the board of directors, members, potential partners, the CEO, and your staff.

  1. The board of directors will use the strategic plan as a reminder of the decisions made when building the strategy. The document should clearly and succinctly cover the architecture of your plan.
  2. The strategic plan will inform your members of the organization’s aspirations, and illustrate how that mission will be realized over time.
  3. Potential partners will use the plan to make informed decisions about alignment with your association.
  4. The strategic plan serves as marching orders for an organizations CEO. He/she will use the strategies laid out to shape work programs, define budgets, and identify future opportunities and challenges.
  5. Finally, an association’s staff members will use the strategic plan to identify where your organization is focusing time and resources, what is important, and provide context to their working environments.

To learn more about association strategic planning download my 7-step framework, The Core of Association Strategy.