I once went into the Adirondack wilderness for 10
days to find peace and quiet, contemplate life’s great mysteries, and
make peace with life.  I went with a few other men and we often
talked together about our dreams. One of them said something I often
remember “You know what I believe to
be the number one reason people don’t attempt their biggest dreams?
They are afraid of getting them wrong.”

Don’t let
that stop you!
There is no getting dreams wrong, there is only
letting them wither from lack of attention. Once you begin to give them
what they need, they grow and turn into new worlds full of surprise and
life. They may not become exactly what you planned for, but they will
become something wonderful. That is the nature of new ventures.

Some of my greatest accomplishments were
things I had never done before: work with the president of the World
Bank, adopt my daughter from India, and write a business bestseller. Of
course, there were also the myriad failed attempts on numerous great
ideas, too. But, as the saying goes, You
can’t make an omelet, without breaking eggs.

The best time to take action on the things you care most deeply about
is today. Now
is the time when all the best things happen. If you’re waiting for your
horoscope, let me help out. This
week is a fortuitous time to begin great projects. All achievements
start with a first step and this week is the week for you to take
If you prefer fortune cookies, just type that out
and take it along to your next Chinese meal.

The cool thing about life is that it responds to you. We have a
symbiotic relationship with the world around us. As we grow and develop
so does our universe, incorporating all that we are and all that we
drive towards. So, take a step in the right direction today. Reach out
and pour yourself a cup of Mojo. Take a bold step. Do the right thing.
Make room in the world for your dreams and do it now!

“Never be
afraid to try something new. Remember that a lone amateur built the
A large group of professionals built the Titanic.”
― Dave Barry

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