Patrick Spear — Visionary CEO's

Patrick Spear — Visionary CEO'sSince 1995 I have been helping teams of professionals liberate their best thinking and use it to drive change. I cannot take credit for the outcomes they generated, but I do enjoy the satisfaction of knowing I helped set up the conversations so real innovation could take place.

Last year one of my favorite clients was CEO, Patrick Spear, at the Global Market Development Center, a trade association connecting retailers, wholesalers, suppliers, and service/solution companies in the general merchandise and health beauty wellness categories. Patrick took on the charge, Change or Die! First, he turned it into an aspiration, Evolve and Thrive! Then he pulled together his Skunk Works, a team of seasoned professionals who were willing to question sacred cows and reinvent his association for today’s challenges.

In my latest report, which you can download here, I profile Patrick’s initiative and provide guidance for creating your own Skunk Works.

Where might you turn this week to get the inspiration and effort required to “evolve and thrive?”

“Being a fish out of water is tough, but that’s how you evolve.”

– Kumail Nanjiani