I love to tell stories of exceptional CEOs, and I’ve got one for you today — Patrick Spear, of GMDC, the Global Market Development Center. GMDC is a global trade association for the retail industry, connecting retailers, wholesalers, suppliers, and service and solution companies, in the general merchandise, and health, beauty, wellness categories.

At a recent GMDC Board of Directors meeting, a seasoned and trusted veteran, uttered the words, “Change or die.” It was like someone threw a grenade in the room. Everyone stopped talking. Then a second, well-respected leader on the board said, “Yep, that’s true.” Immediately, Patrick knew the authenticity of this statement, and he began to think about the ramifications, and how, as CEO, he could lead the effort.
I take a deep dive into my work with Patrick and GMDC Skunk Works and provide guidelines for creating your own Skunk Works team in my latest report, which you can download here.