A synchronicity is defined as: the simultaneous occurrence of events that
appear significantly related but have no
discernible causal connection
. In other words, there does not
appear to be any way one could have caused the other – they arise at
the same time.  You could call it luck, but if you’re using the
term, synchronicity, there is
likely a very special relationship.

Exquisite means both extremely
beautiful and intensely felt. 
For example,

And songs climb out of the flames of the
near campfires,

Pale, pastel things
exquisite in
their frailness

With a note or two
to indicate it isn’t lost,

On them at least.
The songs decorate our notion of the world

And mark its
limits, like a frieze of soap-bubbles

– John Ashbery

…in the spiritual light or darkness
which they pour into our souls, I have felt entering into me a kind of
vision of the childhood of their creators. Some little sorrow, some
small pleasure of the child, inordinately inflated by an exquisite sensibility, become later
on in the adult man, even without his knowing it, the basis of a work
of art.

– Charles Baudelaire

Think for a moment on those exquisite synchronicities that are part of
your life today: perhaps you know a certain group of people interested
in a common quest, or you are visiting a particular location where you
can discover something you have always been interested in, or there is
a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to raise an important topic with a
close friend you will meet face-to-face today.

Each of these represent the possibility of dramatic, positive change in
the future, opening up a new vein of precious activity, revealing a new
spring of joy. Here is your breakthrough
in all its glory. What  will you do?

Whan the sunne shinth make hay.
Whiche is to say.
Take time whan time cometh,
lest time steale away.

John Heywood