sun solsticeEvery
year, where the earth is tipped farthest from the sun, there comes the
longest night otherwise known as the winter solstice.

Before people understood the rotation of the earth, its path around the
sun, or the role of the tilt of the earth’s axis, all they had to go on
was what they experienced: the lengthening of the night. It was a great
celebration when the dark began to shorten in time, bringing back more
of the sun’s light and heralding the coming of spring.

The Winter Solstice is that night that is the longest in a year. It’s
no coincidence that many cultures celebrate the festival of lights in
one form or another at that time, heralding the birth of a king or
celebrating the life-giving properties of light itself.

Now is the time to turn toward what sustains you, to ignite the spirit
of love, and experience the warmth of the soul’s great
regeneration.  Happy Holidays! May your days be filled with
merriment, joy, and renewal!

The night of December 25, to which date
the Nativity of Christ was ultimately assigned, was exactly that of the
birth of the Persian savior Mithra, who, as an incarnation of eternal
light, was born the night of the winter solstice.

Joseph Campbell