Flood Warning!

With all the rains in the last few weeks, my neck of the woods just outside Washington DC has been getting emergency flood warnings. After the rains ceased I decided to go down to the mighty Potomac River near my house and take a look around.

It was breathtaking. Not only was the river up over its banks, muddy and rushing past me, but there were whole trees and railroad ties up on the trail, tossed about hither and thither like pick-up sticks. That picture above is my faithful canine companion, Sita, resting near the banks of the greatly expanded Potomac on my most recent foray.

Nature is a force so much more powerful than any one species, even humanity. Just a little bit of change and the game is completely different, rocking our world. We see this all the time these days as biodiversity is threatened and global change makes itself known all around us. It’s so important that we take the time to understand what’s going on, and dig into the knowledge provided to us by our scientists so we can respond appropriately.

What might you do in the week ahead to make a contribution to the living world?

“Some people walk in the rain. Others just get wet.” – Roger Miller

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