Questions for Hotels this Fall

It’s the fall of 2021, and meetings are beginning to return. Half of the face-to-face meetings I had scheduled for September and October hare canceled due to pandemic safety concerns.

The pandemic has made scheduling meetings, especially if you’re working with hotels or conference centers, challenging. Lisa Levine, CEO of the Energy Bar Association, shared a questionnaire that her event’s organizer IMN Solutions, created to help take some of the guesswork out of choosing a venue.

Sample questions include:

  • Have you recently hosted groups of our size?
  • May I have the contact information for the person representing that group?
  • What are current local guidelines (city, county, state)?
  • What is your process if someone exhibits Covid-like symptoms?
  • Where is the closest testing site?

There is an entire page of questions, and I found them exceptionally effective – here is a link. Share this post or leave a comment if you found them helpful.

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