In 1969 Graham Nash and Joni Mitchell were out and about after breakfast, and as Nash tells the story, “We’re going to get into Joan’s car, and we pass an antique store. And we’re looking in the window, and she saw a very beautiful vase that she wanted to buy … I persuaded her to buy this vase. It wasn’t very expensive, and we took it home. …[After we] got through the front door and I said, you know what? I’ll light a fire. Why don’t you put some flowers in that vase that you just bought? Well, she was in the garden getting flowers. That meant she was not at her piano, but I was … And an hour later ‘Our House’ was born, out of an incredibly ordinary moment…”

Years later my wife, Laura Baron, as a teenager embraced the song along with others by Mitchell, and Nash’s band, Crosby Stills & Nash. Not only was the song an inspiration, but she learned to play it on the guitar so she could perform it for her high school friends.

Fast forward to a few years ago and Graham Nash was a guest at my son’s elementary school. As part of the corresponding convocation, Laura played Our House from the stage. She noticed Nash whispering to his wife during her song and wondered what he might be saying. After the show she was in the Green Room, and in came Nash. He asked Laura to show him how to play Our House on guitar, explaining that he had never done it, only on piano.

And so above we see Laura teaching Graham Nash how to play his classic song on her guitar. Sometimes life comes full circle as it did for Laura on that day.

On another note (pun intended) Laura will be releasing her tenth album in just a few weeks, Breakfast with Buddha. You can preview the title track here.

“Most things in music go full circle eventually.”
– Simon Cowell