Disruption is causing things to change often, and organizational leadership is constantly juggling. Associations must be able to react quickly while sustaining current value generation and revenue-producing activities. All while maintaining the ability to transform your organization to leverage the new ideas and trends emerging from the disruption.

The most successful organizations have a process for Strategic Foresight. They are actively engaged in looking into the future; especially when there are a new game and new rules. Strategic Foresight allows leadership to identify what can be banked on and what uncertainties could significantly impact your organization.

If you want to explore Strategic Foresight with your board of directors or senior leadership team download this introduction which includes an exercise called Shifting Perspectives. In this exercise, you will pretend to be a competitor of your organization with an unlimited budget and think about what you would do to take away your members. When your group reaches a level of real candor you may be able to identify your organization’s weak spots and new value streams where revenue can be produced.

Try the Shifting Perspective exercise with your team. I’d love to hear about your results.