cool frog recliningWhat
puts you at your best? And how much of it have you been getting?
Well… it’s time to change that!

If you are not getting enough of what you need then now is the time to
seriously revisit how you operate at your best.

And if you have been getting enough, how about ratcheting things up a
few notches so you are overflowing with the good stuff?!

We all like to get good results and sometimes what holds us back is not
focus, clarity, energy, effort, or vision. It’s taking the time to feed
our souls. Take a look at the people around you who are consistently
delivering above average results. My guess is that they have figured
out the magic touch that yields peak performance and have scheduled
regular massages!

All leaders I have worked with live and breathe their work because they
love it.

This does not mean they give up the rest of their lives. This does not
mean that their health suffers, their families never see them, their
hearts are closed, their bodies exhausted, or they have no fun. In
fact, among the best leaders, the opposite is true.

cool frog grabbingPeak
performing leaders sustain vision and energy by playing hard, having fun,
pouring energy into pursuits they love and enjoy, spending special
times with people they care about… or curling up with a good book,
going out for a drink, enjoying time with the dog, taking an afternoon
off to garden, putting together a care package for a young relative,
going shopping, taking the Bentley for a drive in the country…

This is in fact what makes it possible for them to get life right,
challenge after challenge, rising more times than they are pushed down,
and prevailing to see results achieved.

Ideas for Mustering Mojo:

1. Choose an author and read everything he or she has written.
2. Go to the movies in the middle of the day.
3. Spend 2 hours watching back-to-back episodes of your favorite TV
show on Netflix.
4. Pick a hobby just for fun, no other reason, and pursue it with
5. Take a youngster out for a day on the town.
6. Call up a good friend and buy ’em a drink.
7. Go to a live show and take it all in (symphony, dance, jazz, or
8. Take up bartending and learn to make a new drink every night… and
9. Go on a restaurant quest with a buddy to find the best for a
particular dish you enjoy.
10. Buy one amazing suit or blazer or blouse or dress or pair of shoes
every two weeks… go for the best!
11. Memorize a new poem every week.
12. Take your sweetie on a hot date!
13. Bake your favorite treat and eat it up.
14. Get really good at something you love and make a show of
demonstrating your expertise.
15. Get really good at something you love and do it alone just for pure
16. Go to a new museum every week.
17. Listen to your favorite music when no one else is around and really
enjoy it.
18. Dance by yourself.
19. Dance with your friends.
20. Paint, draw, color, or doodle seriously.
21. Pick a plant and learn how to make it thrive in your garden,
indoors or out.
22. Learn a new song every week.

Be cool.