In physics traction is thought of as the maximum frictional force that
can be applied between two surfaces without slipping. In business, it
is about not losing your grip on your customers as you steer, drive,
brake, and innovate. Traction is a precursor to value generation.

You have to bring your customer along for the ride before you can do
anything for him or her. If you lose your grip, it doesn’t matter how
good your idea is, how much money you can save someone or generate for
them, they won’t follow you.

motorcycleIn racing, not surprisingly, there is a lot of concern
around traction or the lack of it. Imagine a driver pushing a vehicle
to its limit, swerving, braking, and accelerating. When that rubber
stops gripping the road, he or she is in the danger zone.

But, with
traction that same driver can do amazing things that appear to defy the
law of gravity, pushing friction to its limits and achieving
extraordinary results.

If you want to create exceptional results for your customers, you will
have to push them to their limits. 

Become expert at building and working the traction that stimulates,
cultivates, and develops genuinely sought-after advantage for all your
core stakeholders. This is what gives you holding power in the
marketplace as you make the necessary adjustments to win, especially
when you need to win hard.