The international survey of CEOs on Leading Growth
has been completed and the results are in. We had 84 CEOs around the
world participate including sixteen from professional societies and
eleven from trade associations. This made it possible to contrast the
two types of associations with each other as well as with the private

Many sectors were represented including aviation, transportation,
retail, industrial goods and services, healthcare, financial services
and investment, energy and utilities, telecommunications, and
technology. I was particularly happy to have 27 of the 84 come from
associations because over 50% of my clients are association CEOs and
executive directors. 

� Over two-thirds of
all respondents (56% of professional societies and 63% of trade
associations) foresee growth.
� The volatile economy poses, by far, the greatest threat to growth.
� Trade associations are not looking to expand in Japan or Australasia,
whereas professional societies are.

I was one of the survey organizers, working with my colleagues in the Summit Global Network. We are 22 boutique
consulting firms in seven countries on four continents. We share
resources, best practices, personnel, and expertise. The combined
intellectual property of our members comprises over 70 commercially
published books, a thousand published articles, and thousands of audio,
video, and public speaking appearances.Through our combined reach,
thousands have expressed interest in having this report.

Organizations, as all living things, need fresh air. Take the time to
read the results of the survey. Discuss the findings to generate ideas
and actions for your organization. Use this as a stimulus to capitalize
on the opportunities and avoid the threats that await your business in
the year ahead.  You can download the full survey here. Please feel free to share.


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