I had a vision the other night. No kidding. It was odd because I wasn’t enjoying life when it happened and I didn’t realize the vision was important until the next day. Here’s what happened:

I awoke at 4:30am. Sometimes that happens to me – I wake up really early and cannot go back to sleep. This time, I was annoyed by my wakefulness and wishing I could back to sleep. So my general state of mind was something like, ‘Argh! I don’t want to get up now. I want to go back to sleep!’ I was disconcerted.

Then there was the vision. While I was in this state of disgruntlement, I saw a bright ball of light that was me. A stream of energy was coming from up in the sky, amidst the stars. That was the Life Force, with capital letters, proper noun! It was streaming into me and it was going down into four other balls of light: Laura – my wife, Ruchi – my daughter, Gabe – my son, and Sita – my dog. I knew instantly that at the core of my being I was here to infuse their lives with care and resources so they could be the best they could be. I also knew that it was incredibly important that I had found a way to do it that enriched the world (my visionary leadership and Grand Challenge work).

The funny thing was the whole time this is happening, I am sitting up in bed thinking to myself, ‘I wish I could go back to sleep, this is so inconvenient… argh…’ In other words, I had zero appreciation for this super cool vision I was having!

The next day I knew something very special had happened, an insight of profound proportions. I had seen exactly what drives me, what matters most deep in my being. I recognized the power of my insight, providing me with an explicit description of my inner drive. If I want to work hard, this is my source.

Since that day I have taken such joy in being with each of my family, drinking in their company and letting their spirits infuse me with joy. In the picture here I am with Ruchi and Sita along the C&O Canal Sunday. What a great experience for me, so ordinary and so sacred.

What is your source? Everyone is different. What sustains you and how can you enjoy it this week?

Love is friendship that has caught fire.

– Michael Dell