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Million Cat Challenge

Earlier this year I attended the Skid Row School for Large Scale Change where I had the opportunity to work with over 20 leaders who were engaged in creating massive social movements. One I particularly enjoyed was Kate Hurley who single-handedly create the Million Cat Challenge! In this video Kate explains her approach and success: VisionaryTalk.com

Professional Development Opportunities

Visionary Leadership Academy still Open
This year-long class for senior execs is now full, but I could squeeze one more in. It provides a year long professional development experience that includes dedicated access to me and my resources, tools for developing a visionary mindset, and unparalleled access to a unique group of innovative thinkers in the DC association community including CEOs. Contact me for more info. 39+ CAE credits awarded. More info here.

Presentation on the Future of Associations: November 18. Washington DC.
The senior leaders in my Visionary Leadership Academy represent the future of associations. I have worked with them for over the past 10 months to expand their thinking about visionary leadership and push boundaries of traditional leadership models, equip them with the tools to handle the realities of managing innovative organizations today and anticipate disruption ahead. Come to this special presentation, meet the rising stars. Together we will present on what the future of associations looks like. Contact me for details. CAE credit awarded.