Grand Challenges Ahead

I’ve worked with some of the most esteemed organizations globally, helping to address their strategy and innovation issues. Increasingly my work has been focused on Grand Challenges - socially intractable issues, systemic in nature, mind-numbingly complex, and often requiring labor-intensive solutions.

We must understand what works when addressing these complex issues like the pandemic, supply chain disruptions, economic disparities, social injustices, climate science, and more. We can tackle Grand Challenges successfully by building alliances of organizations and activists who hit them simultaneously from multiple dimensions.

The idea of Grand Challenges is not my own; it’s a proven concept backed and supported by research, practical models, and case studies. In the weeks ahead, I’ll share the models, tools, and techniques I use when addressing a Grand Challenge. We’ll explore some of the research, sharing those models and breaking open case studies from my own experience.

My goal is to make my knowledge publicly available and provide a toolkit to anyone anytime who wants to take on a Grand Challenge. If you know someone contemplating a Grand Challenge or interested in the topic, please share this video or forward the email.

It may seem like the world is burning and churning; wicked problems are everywhere. So are Grand Challenges. Come along for the ride and build the skills needed to take on these complex issues.

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