Grand Challenge to Eradicate the Stigma Associated with Mental Illness

For the last seven years, I’ve helped leaders conceive, design, and execute strategies to address Grand Challenges – really wicked, sticky problems that resist superficial solutions, are mind-numbingly complex, and require labor-intensive approaches to resolve.

I’m excited to share my next project – working with the Huntsmen Mental Health Institute on a national scale to attack the stigma surrounding mental illness. Everybody knows somebody that suffers from depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, addiction… perhaps even ourselves.

Stigma affects us all and works on at least three different levels in society;

Structurally – policies, laws, and regulations that reinforce stigma
Socially – the beliefs and behaviors of groups and individuals
Internally – our internal thoughts

Many think mental illness attacks people who have a character flaw or weak personality trait and don’t see it for what it is, a brain disorder. We need to be sure that those who suffer can get the treatment they need, are covered by insurance, and feel comfortable reaching out when they need to.

This is what this Grand Challenge is all about!

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