Grand Challenges: Awe-some Work

I’ve been talking a lot about elements of a Grand Challenge and the frameworks and models I draw on to create success in dealing with intractable societal problems. I haven’t touched on the extraordinary experience of engaging in an initiative that calls out your best to walk in Integrity with your world.

Awe is an element of a successful Grand Challenge.

It’s fitting I share this with you while at the awe-inspiring rim of Bryce Canyon in Utah. I can’t even begin to explain the experience of standing here and letting my gaze reach out over the many miles, let alone the beauty of the Red Rocks.

Grand Challenges allow people to be engaged in truly awesome initiatives.

Check out the video to get a quick glimpse of the Red Rocks of Bryce Canyon and learn how the Grand Challenges I have and am currently working on inspired awe and encouraged everyone involved to work toward a greater good.

Awe needs to be part of life. It calls the human spirit to a new capacity.

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