I have been looking for a new brain stretch. I have wanted to learn something that takes me in new directions, requires new kinds of physical skills, new ways of thinking, and new neural growth. So, this last summer I chose three areas to pursue: drawing, playing an instrument, and Hindi. I will add them progressively. Otherwise, it’s too much with all the other activity that is going on in my life and my regular commitments. So, in August I started Hindi.

So far, so good. I have a weekly 30-minute lesson, which it turns out provides the perfect amount of new information for me to learn. The lesson is done with a tutor online (Ash, the founder of Hello-Hindi.com). I record my sessions. During the live session, I listen and participate. Then I go back and review the recording to take notes. I also practice writing, and I record new material so I can listen throughout the week. Then, there are resources including a book, online flashcards, Bollywood movies, children’s youtube videos, and more. All of my work adds up to an average of an hour per day. I am loving it!

One day, when the pandemic clears, I will take my family and we will go to India. My goal is to be able to interact with people and read signs.

Then, of course, there is my daughter. She is a native of New Delhi. She and I have already begun to speak in Hindi.

This language is really different. It includes unique sounds that require learning pronunciation that is foreign to American English. And the alphabet is totally new. It’s a great adventure!

What might you do in the week ahead to grow new synapses, push your brain farther?

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” – Leonard da Vinci