It was a brisk morning yesterday when I took my German shepherd, Sita, out. We came upon this beautiful holly plant, wet with the cold drizzle that was all around. It was a bracing and brilliant way to start the day. The cold air was invigorating. The holly shook with the wind.

Sita was sniffing around on the ground below me. As I followed her along I was pulled close enough to this holly bush that I began to admire its vibrancy. Although its bright, green leaves are with us all year long they seem to especially jump out when the cold comes on. Perhaps that is because everything around it is turning brown.

I have always associated holly with Christmas, joy, celebrations of the spirit. I am grateful for their continuous glow that comes into especially sharp focus in the ruddy fall. It signals to me that spiritual cheer is on the way, has in fact already begun, and points the way toward the winter holidays in a way more soul-satisfying than black Friday.

I am grateful for the holly I met yesterday. I wish you the very best of Thanksgiving in the week ahead. May all that you are grateful for, become just as vivid and satisfying.

“The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.”
William Blake