Today I want to express gratitude for a remarkable leader, Dawn Sweeney who has contributed to my Grand Challenge work and to American families across the nation. 
Dawn introduced me to Dr. Christina Economos, whose seminal research produced the 10 Key Elements of a Social Movement, which I use with every Grand Challenge I help to design.
Many of her organization’s most successful initiatives don’t carry her name, but she is nonetheless the leading force behind them. These initiatives include:
  • Kids LiveWell – which ensures that restaurants across America have a kid-friendly, reasonably priced, “better for you” option on the menu.
  • ServSafe – a certification program that ensures restaurant employees know how to maintain safety in a wide variety of areas including restaurant management, food handling, serving alcohol, dealing with allergens, and more
  • ServSuccess – a certification program that upskills restaurant employees and provides them with a career path
  • The Restaurant & Hospitality Benefit Trust Health Plan – an exclusive healthcare solution for small restaurant and lodging member employers
I will be interviewing Dawn about her work on December 2nd from 3-5 pm at the National Restaurant Association at Downtown Washington, D.C. It’s a free event open to all association CEOs and their executives. You can learn more and register here.