and execute a plan. Then leverage
the serendipity that falls in your favor.

Great achievers always have a plan. It’s common knowledge that there
will always be unanticipated obstacles and issues when it comes to its
execution. But, what the great achievers also know is that just as
often there will be unanticipated opportunities. 

Make it a point to practice the spontaneous harvesting of welcome
surprises. Instead of feeling interrupted you will begin to look
forward to them. Soon enough you will be spinning your own flywheel
faster and faster.

flywheelFlyweels deliver energy at rates beyond the ability
of a continuous energy source. This is achieved by collecting energy in
the flywheel over time and then releasing the energy quickly, at rates
that exceed the abilities of the energy source.

When you consistently take advantage of unforeseen opportunities you
create greater and greater momentum that lends itself to the
overarching goal and contributes dramatically toward success, often
exceeding expectations.

Keep to these two: (a) methodical execution of an ambitious strategy
and (b) continual readiness to parlay unanticipated breaks to your
advantage. That’s how to make your own luck.

an unforeseen opportunity arises later today, will you be ready?