is a personal ornament that either provides protection from evil,
danger, and disease or conveys a blessing, as an aid to a particular
challenge. It originates from hoodoo, a largely African-American belief
system that combines rituals from Africa, Native America and Europe.

mojo bagThe mojo itself is a little flannel bag containing
objects of special significance for the person carrying them, objects
that will help them in their daily life to be at their best, staying
safe and healthy.

When a mojo is created it is important that the person who is putting
it together, gathering and blessing the objects within and sewing the
little bag, is in an awakened state. This means alert to the magic of
life, filled with spirit.

Mojos are individual. Each is crafted for the person who will be
carrying them. Men often conceal them in their pants pocket and women
typically hide them by clipping them to their bra.

This kind of activiity is one of many that people use to create a sense
of personal power, protection, and individual blessing that secures
their place in the world providing them with an ability to influence
the course of events in their favor.

Here are three rituals I enjoy that give purpose to my life and days –
my own forms of mojo:

  • I like to literally run to Starbucks in the
    morning, 15 minutes there and 15 minutes back, as a way to start the
    day with aerobics. It clears my mind, lifting me up with exercise, deep
    breathing, and a really enjoyable outdoor experience first thing in the
    morning. Once there I don’t always have a cup of coffee, but I do read
    the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal. The former gives me
    national political news and insight into my local community while the
    WSJ provides me with global business news. As a result I feel pumped,
    plugged in, and ready for the day.

  • My wife and I occasionally bless our children
    on Friday nights. We do this by lighting candles and laying our hands
    on their heads one at a time. We say out loud what we appreciate about
    each, recognizing their personal achievements and special joys. We ask
    for them to be safe and have everything they need to achieve their
    dreams. We give voice out loud to their special qualities and
    wishes.  Afterwards we enjoy the warmth that comes as a result,
    then take in a meal in familial solidarity.

  • Every Sunday night or Monday morning I write
    this little column. It’s a burst of personal mojo that articulates a
    special insight or point of view – a little something special designed
    to enhance the week of the several thousand who read it, keeping us
    connected while adding a particular spice to the beginning of the week
    that is meaningful and energizing.

What practices do you enjoy that lend energy and joie de vivre to your
life?  How do you craft personalized infusions of positive energy
to propel you forward on your way?