Today our country is facing systemic racism like never before. Associations have a long history of being inclusive, so how do we take this on effectively?

How do we make a real impact, and not just throw resources at a topic with no confidence in the results? It’s not clear. On this very topic, I recommend reading an article published in the NYTs called White Fragility is Everywhere: But Does Anti-Bias Training Work?

I also recommend you watch and consider using with your senior leadership team and board of directors, Texts to Table, a conversation between four black association CEOs. Shawn BoynesDonté P. ShannonMichelle Mills Clement, Irving Washington, share their response to George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, and white allyship.

I will be convening a Zoom group for CEOs only, to discuss the appropriate leadership response to the racial equity movement.

If you are a CEO and would like to participate, email me at