When I was in college a good friend and I decided to break into the observatory late one night and take a look at the sky. We headed up to the woods where our university’s astronomical telescope was situated. After determining that the door was locked tight we decided to go up the side of the building. Using the drainpipe we scaled the outer wall. It was late at night and just as we were about halfway up a security guard came along doing his nightly rounds.

He stopped and took a good look at us. We were frozen in place, wondering what to do. I thought to myself, ‘We’ve been caught!’

After a long moment of mutual silence, he yelled out, “You boys lock up when you’re done.” I whipped my keys out of my pocket and jingled them loudly. “Yes sir!” For the life of me, I still don’t know what he was thinking.

We ended up inside, took a good look around, opened the roof, gazed at some stars, then put everything back the way it was and let ourselves out the same way we came in.

It was one of those adventures that worked out to my advantage despite my efforts. Did you ever have an event where despite your approach it all came out ok? Those are the times when I am sure that an unseen hand is orchestrating the events of my life.

I like to think I have matured a bit since then and am less likely to take such risks. But, I am grateful nonetheless for all the misadventures that worked out okay in the end.

Best wishes for the week ahead. May your life be filled with good fortune, regardless of your actions!

Human beings must be known to be loved; but Divine beings must be loved to be known. – Blaise Pascal