MalalaYou may have heard the news about Malala Yousufzai, a 15
yr old Pakistani girl outspoken about girls’ education and atrocities
committed by the Taliban. 2 weeks ago she was shot in the head and neck
on a school bus with two of her schoolmates. Amazingly all three
survived the attack. A fundraising account has been set up on Indiegogo
to help Malala’s family with medical expenses. You can give any amount
you like, as little or as much as you can afford. I have. The link is

If you choose to help this brave, young girl, you are doing more than
helping just her. You are helping girls everywhere who need an
education. Why focus on girls’ education and not boys? There are two
reasons: (1) girls are often deprived of education where boys are not,
and (2) educating girls produces exceptional benefits for today’s
generation and the generations to come.

girls tend to marry later and have healthier children that are more
likely to survive. The children of educated girls and women are
generally better nourished and educated themselves. The educated girl
becomes a woman who is healthier, a better contributor to her
community, and better paid in the workplace. She is more likely to
protect herself against HIV/AIDS and to protect those she loves and
cares for. She is much more able and likely to assume an active role in
social, economic and political decision-making. She is more likely to
lead and will be a better leader.

Join me in helping Malala. Her cause is noble and she has suffered for
it. Be part of her recovery. Let her know people around the world care
about what she has already accomplished with her life. Help her
forward. Every bit helps. Friends and family have already raised over
$38,000. The goal is $100,000. Every donation, no matter the size, is a
show of support and that is profoundly significant to her and the
world. Give what you can to this brave 15 year old’s family to help
with her recovery: