Expanding your customer base depends on five

Current customer satisfaction
2.    Desire for your offering
3.    Your reputation as a provider
4.    A value proposition you can deliver
5.    Effective outreach

Any one of these factors can significantly limit or enhance the
development of new customers. Together they create synergies that
enhance each other’s capacity to grow your base.

Current customer
describes how content today’s customers are with
you. The higher their satisfaction, the easier you’ll find it to build
the base. Satisfied customers become evangelists, provide positive
reviews, and refer people to your business.

Desire for your
is an indicator of the potential pull for your products
and services; it tells you how much the market wants what you have and
therefore how likely it is to embrace your offering.

Your reputation as
a provider
contributes significantly to the trust the market
puts in your ability, which in turn accelerates acceptance.

A value proposition
you can deliver
is a must. If the other factors are in your
favor, customers will give you a try and then it’s up to you to provide
the goods. This is what makes your offering credible.

Effective outreach means
that you are getting the attention of the people who matter; i.e., you
are in front of your target audience delivering messages they want to
hear in media they prefer.

Bring these five factors together and you have the makings of a solid
growth effort.



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