I am pleased to introduce our new family member, Kaya. She is a 10-month-old rescue that was brought to DC from a high kill shelter in SC by Lucky Dog Rescue. She arrived weighing 40# and will likely grow to about 50.

She looks like a German Shepherd. I sent in her DNA sample to find out what else might be hidden in there. She is adapting wonderfully to her adoption and bonding with all of us.

She lost part of her tail long before she came to us; it is fully healed tho half the size it would otherwise be. She has made her crate her home, is house trained, and she loves curling up next to my daughter for an hour or so before bedtime.

She (we) got a dog pack for Xmas and she wears it no problem. I foresee hiking and camping in spring. I am happy about that!

She is picking up words fast. Here is her burgeoning vocabulary:
* Out
* HurryUp (go to the bathroom)
* Crate (go to it and get in)
* Sit
* Watch me (eye contact)
* Get-in-the-house
* Car (get in)
* OK! or Free! (do what you want)
* Yes (you did it!)
* Good (keep doing that)
* Whoops! (You made a mistake)
* Eh! (stop it)
* Yummy Gup Gup (mealtime, my dad made this one up)
* Treat!
* Ruchi (go visit Ruchi)
* Nonverbal slap on my thigh (walk and don’t pull on the leash)

I am amazed at how quickly she is taking to us. Perhaps we are a welcome relief to all that she has been through. German Shepherds being working dogs appreciate constancy and a stable home base. Or maybe it’s the continuous shower of hugs and kisses we rain down on her.

Wishing you a beautiful conclusion to the calendar year. May you close it out with joy in your heart.

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