We are remodeling my office’s bathroom on the first floor, turning it into a full bath. This is so my wife and I can move into my office later when we remodel our bedroom upstairs.

The bathroom in my office will soon be the most beautiful room in our house! So… first my office needs to be updated (new paint, new carpet, new curtains, and throw out some things). Then, this contagious desire will travel around my home requiring investments of various sorts to bring everything else up to snuff. Great news for our contractor, and the inverse for my bank account.

But still, it really is a wonderful experience going into the new year, bringing some light into our world (you should see the tiles in this shower).

Do you have an upgrade you have been putting off that might help you ride into 2022?

“Buying a house that needs work can be one of the best ways to stretch your budget. Why pay for someone else’s upgrade?”
– Scott McGillivray

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