Did you know that my new puppy, Sita, made the front
page of the blog of the Internationalsita
Bridge Tunnel & Turnpike Association?  While this is not
exactly about my upcoming webinar, I could not resist letting you know
that my little doggy is a star thanks to Pat Jones, CEO of the IBTTA. Check it out!

book image Getting Innovation RightThis
Thursday at noon eastern time Kent State University is hosting a
webinar with me all about Getting Innovation Right. Please feel free to
join us. There is no fee and you can connect through your computer or
by telephone.  A full description of the webinar can be found here
Full instructions for joining the webinar are here.

I am very much looking forward to the webinar. It will be the third
presentation on Getting Innovation Right and marks the first when the
book is out and available.  I will be sharing a bit of background
as well as telling stories from my consulting work to illustrate the
main points of the book.

On a related note I am happy to announce that Amazon is now shipping
copies of this new book. Here’s the link.  It’s a wonderful feeling to
have one’s work being shipped out into the world to eager readers
Rejoice with me and raise a glass to celebrate tonight – we can be
virtual toast mates!

When I was a
kid I often watched On the Road with Charles Kuralt on TV. Charlkuraltes was a
great reporter, taking us into the lives of ordinary people. He first
persuaded the network to give the show a short trial run of less than
six months. It proved so popular he spent the next 25 years telling the
stories of fascinating people who otherwise would not be on the news,
certainly not on The CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite.

Kuralt wore out six motor homes over that quarter century, travelling
the back roads of America to showcase common people with stories that
warmed the heart. His exposes were refreshing, insightful, and
celebratory of ordinary greatness. He was the first to teach me that
everyone has a story, and an important one at that. He put us average
folk up on the news, giving the country a welcome relief from high
intensity and sensational news – he reminded us almost daily that there
is something special about being just who you are.

“It does no
harm just once in awhile to acknowledge that there are people in the
country besides politicians, entertainers, and criminals.”
― Charles Kuralt