Two years ago I developed and delivered a leadership curriculum to the local Oneness Family High School based on my Visionary Leadership Academy (next one is coming up March 10!) . Recently I was asked by the founder, Andrew Kutt, to collaborate together with Results-based Leadership expert, Raj Chawla, on the development of new, fully integrated program that will span all four years. I am thrilled for many reasons!

First of all, both Andrew and Raj are good friends and colleagues. We have worked together before and it was inspiring. Years ago we did strategic planning for the school involving a majority of the parents and staff, as well as outside Montessori thought leaders. The results were immensely rewarding.

Secondly, all my children and Raj’s attended Oneness Family School, before the high school existed. The experience is an unparalleled unique education that focuses on international leadership as an integrated core element of the curriculum. That’s as true for pre-K as the more advanced grades. It’s truly a special learning experience.

Third, I know that my own work will be enriched, working with leaders from all sectors of society to positively impact society.

Lastly, engaging with high schoolers on leadership is personally meaningful to me, and I benefit as much as the students. Working with young people on the verge of adulthood as they learn to evaluate, take positions, move to action, and learn, is terrifically rewarding. It is a source spring of hope.

Is there something in your world that gives you this kind of energy? What might you do right now to ensure that some part of your week will be about contribution?

“The work of leadership is to contribute to the well-being of others.”
Raj Chawla