ceo surveyI
am a member of the Summit Global Network. We are 22 boutique
firms on 7 continents who share resources, insights, and consulting
expertise in the line of duty. We recently surveyed 84 CEOs around the
world on Leading Growth.

As many of you know, I also work a good deal with CEOs of professional
societies and trade associations. On my invitation, sixteen
professional society and eleven trade association executives
participated in the survey. This made it possible to contrast the two
types of associations with each other and with their private sector

Some of survey results:
� Over two-thirds of respondents, including 56% of professional
societies and 63% of trade associations foresee growth.
� The volatile economy poses, by far, the greatest threat to growth for
� Too much emphasis is placed on monetary reward by professional
societies when research clearly shows that autonomy and freedom are far
more important. This same concern does not hold for trade associations
who use greater freedom and latitude of action more frequently to
reward employees.
� Trade associations are not looking to expand in Japan or Australasia,
whereas professional societies are.

There is a good deal of insight here across the board because of the
wide range of participation. More of my observations are included in
the results. Feel free to share the survey, which you can download here.



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