If you know what you want, make these three your modus operandi and you will quickly
see the fruits of your labor:

1. Persistence – no matter what obstacles you encounter, keep your eye
on the target. Use every setback to your advantage. Waste nothing
including challenges, hurdles, and impediments. Every difficulty is a
learning experience: new information, once taken into consideration,
will move you more forcefully and directly toward your aim. Persevere.

2. Forgiveness – how much time is wasted in reactive spinning when
things don’t go the way you want? When the goal rules, forgive and move
on. Sidestep the desire to dwell, linger, or brood over how things
might have been. Embrace reality, and get back to your intention. With
single-mindedness comes a laser like focus. The laser, made only of
light, has the ability to cut through steel.  It produces little
waste and makes precise cuts. Focus your mental capacity on your goal
so that none is left over for fretting, moping, or sulking. All your
resources will be concentrated on the task at hand. Practice swift
forgiveness and move on.

3. The Two-sided Approach – Many goals require two simultaneous and
parallel activities for maximum speed of impact. For example, watch
what you eat and exercise, or
increase revenue and cut
expenses. Hit your circumstances from both sides for the best results.

With these three in practice, you will often exceed your own
expectations. Carpe diem!



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