As I write this Sunday afternoon I am on my way home from an absolutely fabulous board meeting with one of my clients. The board embraced a pivot for the organization that will take them into new and exciting territory, a quantum leap extending and growing their core value in new ways. This is one of those trips that makes everything else worthwhile!

It’s my privilege to work with leaders who dream big. I love the conception, design and execution of initiatives that will truly have great impact.

Of course, not every engagement is such an evolutionary milestone. That’s the way life works. It’s “lumpy.” Big jumps can come in clusters separated by spans of no action or backsliding.

That is exactly why it’s so important to keep your eye and effort on the next big thing.

What grand target are you working toward that you can use to inspire yourself this week?

“I believe the target of anything in life is to do it so well that it becomes an art.”
Arsène Wenger