My next book, Visionary Leadership: How Association Leaders Embrace Disruption in the 21st Century, is available June 7th. I’d like to offer you a free PDF version of the book. If you’d like to take advantage of this offer email me at

Inside you will find:

  • Case studies on Visionary Leaders like Susan Neely from her time with the American Beverage Association (now at The American Council of Life Insurers)
  • Resources to help you assess and improve organizational leadership in three categories:
    1. Personal Power
    2. Association Leadership
    3. Market Acumen
  • A chapter on real-time strategy – much different than the periodic assessments most organizations engage in
  • And Grand challenges – a way to demonstrate relevance to the outside world while making a positive impact.

Get your free advanced reading of Visionary Leadership (in PDF) by sending me an email now.