breakthroughWhen does a breakthrough occur? In that moment when something we thought was impossible becomes possible. So, a breakthrough is a shift in collective consciousness (see the word we above).

Woah! What about the reality of the breakthrough, like when the four-minute mile was beat? Or the first time we got fiber optics to work consistently over long distances? Or the printing press, electricity, penicillin, semi-conductors, optic lenses – what about paper!!!?

Yes, there are breakthroughs in the history of humanity, and these breakthroughs change the course of history. But, they occur in the context of human progress. If someone invented paper today, they would be a little late to make us all stand up and take notice. Even if it was revolutionary for them, the rest of us have already seen it. So, although it would be a personal revelation, it would not be a turning point for humanity. All together the great majority began that turn starting around 100 BC in China.

Similarly, the Internet was possible 5,000 years ago – the laws of physics were the same. But, none of the prerequisites were present, not in terms of infrastructure or consciousness. If (impossibly) the Internet had come along for a brief moment in 2985 BC, nobody would have recognized it. It would have been beyond their ken. It would have been too strange and nobody would have known what to do with it. It would not fit… with anything!

Breakthroughs are not only relative to where we are, they are connected to where we are.

Our next breakthrough will take what seems impossible today and make it possible. So, you see, there’s a lot of paradigm breaking in store. And we can expect lots of them in short order, the way change is going these days.

When you are making your plans for your life, keep in mind you are going to be able to do things later this year, next year and the year after that, which today appear out of the question right now. That ought to be pretty interesting!

There are no limits, only plateaus.

– Bruce Lee