Strategy is one of those words that conjures up all
kinds of confusion for many people. There are so many interpretations.
I have found what I believe to be the most elegant and powerful
framework and begun using it with my CEOs. It is in the book, Playing
to Win: How Strategy Really Works.

playing to winIt’s by AG Lafley, CEO of Procter & Gamble, and
Roger Martin who appeared in my last book, Getting Innovation
Right.  Based on results, these two know what they are doing.

They present a simple, integrated 5-question framework:
1. What is your aspirational win?
2. Where will you play?
3. How will you win there?
4. What capabilities do you need?
5. How will you measure success?

The book is filled with examples from P&G, but I have found it just
as helpful working with non-profit leaders as well as my own
solo-preneur business. Highly recommended on the business book list!

First they ignore you, then they laugh at
you, then they fight you,
then you win.

Mahatma Ghandi