Ever since my son, Gabe, was a little boy he has loved music of all kinds, from Stravinsky to the Beatles, from Dylan to Flight of the Conchords. Living with him meant living by a soundtrack. So much so that he often provided the music that served as the background on parties, car trips and othe life adventures.

T Bone Burnett gave (add link “”)an amazing address at the AmericanaFest last month. He described the music of the spheres: (italic)”Beneath the subatomic particle level, there are fibers that vibrate at different intensities. Different frequencies. Like violin strings. The physicists say that the particles we are able to see are the notes of the strings vibrating beneath them. If string theory is correct then music is not only the way our brains work, as the neuroscientists have shown, it is what we are made of, what everything is made of. These are the stakes musicians are playing for.”(end italic)

And so I turn to music often to lift, orient and explore my life, opening me up to ways of being I have not anticipated. Music is more than inspiration. It is a way of changing my focus, my state, my approach to the day. Music brings nuance, the depth and power of emotion, to many of the moments that make up this precious life.

What is the music of the week ahead? Where will you look for inspiration? What notes will strike beauty and passion, or add detail and intricacy in the week ahead? Perhaps it will be a soundtrack you choose for a particular event, or something serendipitous that comes across your ears. Mistake it not for random sound, but recognize it as a gift.

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaeity to life and to everything.

– Plato