Yesterday my father joined Facebook. He is 81.
Always ready to face a new frontier. He has let go of his reservations
to join a new community, ready to explore a new world. Where will you
be a pioneer in 2014? What new thresholds will you cross? And what will
you give up?

I am looking to expand to a new level of performance, raising the bar
on my ability to deliver value to my clients through an intensive
research project that will bring together leaders and explore what it
means to associate professionally in 2014 and beyond. Simultaneously I
will be deepening my relationships with my children and wife.  At
the center I am cultivating a more profound understanding and awareness
of who I am. Growth & Contribution are my themes for the new year.

Old forms will fall. There will be dust and broken glass. When the
Phoenix begins to stir, cracks appear in the status quo.

There is a crack
in everything. That’s how the light gets in.

– Leonard Cohen