New Pack Member

We decided to add another dog to our pack a week ago, and we think we found the little tyke. Her mother was a stray who gave birth in an animal shelter in Georgia. Three days later, the entire litter was transported to Virginia, coordinated through one of many rescue operations serving the Washington, DC, area. After a good nine weeks in a foster home, we came face-to-muzzle. That’s her playing with Kaya, soon to be a big sister!

Our little one doesn’t have a name yet, and her foster mom is keeping her for another week while we get things ready for a puppy in our home. The canine mom and other siblings were all adopted; ours was the last to go. She is perky, curious, energetic, and playful. Kaya got along well with her. In the beginning, the little one was intimidated by Kaya. But, in short order, her curiosity got the best of her, and before long, she followed Kaya around the yard, and they played with a ball together.

New life is bringing new life into our home even before she arrives! Rooms are getting cleaned, spaces are being made for her crates, and more. I can feel the rush of spring as we prepare for young blood to be coursing through our corridors and boisterous play!

What new activities do you have coming up?

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming.”
– Pablo Neruda

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