We picked up our new friend Saturday morning, Divya. The name means divine in Hindi. And it now feels like our pack has assembled.

Divya and Kaya love playing together. Kaya has shared her favorite toy, and there has been more than one tug-of-war with different victors emerging. Kaya has always been obedient, but there’s something cool about telling them both to go in their crates, take a nap, and then watch as they dutifully carry out their orders. Of course, Divya is just a baby, and it’s too early to know her will for following commands. Yet, there does seem to be such a thing as pack behavior.

For example, we were told she is not leash trained. But, when Kaya is moving forward at a nice clip, it’s tempting for Divya to try and keep up. We have had nothing but good luck regarding leashed walks so far. Obedience training is a bit far away, but seeds of good behavior are certainly being planted.

Have you ever noticed how it’s easier and more enjoyable to do something for the first time with someone who knows how to do it? It’s almost like there is a field that you are both operating in, invisible to others. And the properties of the field make it easier to perform better.

Is there anything you are trying to do that would benefit the company of a veteran?

“The best way a mentor can prepare another leader is to expose him or her to other great people.”
– John C. Maxwell

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