You may know that my wife, Laura Baron, is an award-winning songwriter. She is creating a music video of her latest song, On the Streets of New York – have a listen and feel free to share. Now she is looking to connect with agencies in NYC that work to empower and educate the public on immigration issues. That’s where I am requesting your help.

Laura is a multi-award winning celebrated songwriter. In 2015 her song, A Little Note, won the song of the year at the Washington Area Music Awards. She turned it into a wonderful music video that tells the story of a woman who breaks free from an abusive relationship. Laura created the video with support from In Honor Of Her, a DC organization that educates people about domestic violence. The introduction to the executive director she received from a friend helped paved the way for her to get the major funding that she needed. The video received many accolades and was a huge success.

Now, she has this great song about the strength and inclusiveness of the people of New York that pays homage to the Statue of Liberty. Her video will celebrate the melting pot that NY is today.

She is looking to meet leaders from organizations who might use the song to carry their message. Two examples are Make the Road New York, and NY Immigration Coalition. If you know an executive director or senior staff at either of these agencies or another like it, please put us in touch.

And in the meantime, enjoy Laura’s music above!

“They sail in on ships laden full
To a lady whose torch burns bright
They cry, Anything is possible!
On the streets of New York tonight”
-Laura Baron