If ever there was a time to serve your members, it is now! I am gathering and sharing information and resources on how to do that, starting with a series of events designed to help you lead through the pandemic.

I am excited about my upcoming collaboration with Mary Byers, co-author of Race to Relevance and Road to Relevance. Mary and I have long had conversations, sharing our experiences working with association leaders, and even participating with each other’s clients. In this zoom session, Mary and I will explore What’s Next? removing some of the uncertainty on the road ahead. Register now to join us on May 14th at 11 am.

I have distributed a CEO survey, that was created by the request of a group I convened on business continuity and the severity of the financial impact of the pandemic on associations. The survey covers strategies and tactics for addressing (1) the economic impact, (2) virtualizing meetings, and (3) identifying opportunities for business growth as a result of the crisis. If you are a CEO and would like to participate, send me an email. The survey takes only 13 minutes to complete, and I’ll share the results with you at no cost.

My upcoming hackathon on virtualizing meetings is now full and closed to new registrations. If you were unable to register, count on me to share what I learn with you. My partner and special guest in this endeavor, Lauren Parr, the VP of Meetings for the American Geophysical Union, says that many people who are trying to virtualize meetings immediately focus on identifying a partner and a platform. This is a mistake, distracting you from the real focus: your meeting objectives and how to serve your attendees. Let that drive the development of your virtual meetings.

For more resources on leading through our pandemic, be sure to check out my page covidleaders.com.