Extraordinary weeks and horrible work weeks have one
thing in common, they all start on Mondays. Have you ever heard the
phrase, Mighty oaks from little
acorns grow
? It’s one way of saying all big things start small.
So now, in the wee beginning of this workweek, is the time to plant
something generous.

Generosity lives in the space between what has transpired and what is
not yet given. It springs from the heart. Many a moment goes by stark
and bare, and then is enlivened by the smallest gift of a generous
soul: as simple as a smile or a good word that travels easily from one
to another.

Begin with a readiness to give more than what is expected when it comes
to kindness and you are planting a seed of greatness for the week ahead.

as an ook cometh
of a litel spyr.

– Geoffrey Chaucer, 1374