My good friend, Gary LaBranche, told me last week
that innovation is about courage and vulnerability. Over dinner he
shared his point of view that new ventures require boldness in the face
of uncertain success. They necessarily leave you open, susceptible.

Gary is on to something big. A life worth living, one that you can call
an adventure, is all about facing the unknown with the intent to do
better. That puts you at risk. Yet, it is in that unsure space where
the juice of life flows sweetest, where the reward is all the more

What do you want to do this week that would take a bit of
bravery?  Set your sights on the high bar. Be intrepid. Courage
and vulnerability make a great marriage. Stand on the foundation of
your best intentions and go for the gold.

When you are Real
you don’t mind being hurt.
– Margery Williams